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Poured acrylic painting "Oasis" 90cm

Poured acrylic painting "Oasis" 90cm

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Acrylics poured by hand and transferred to cotton canvas. Gallery wrapped on a pine wood frame.


As we move north through the boreal forest, the trees become more sparse and eventually disappear. The tundra stretches for hundreds of kilometres, composed mainly of lichens. Lichens are not completely plant, animal or fungus, but rather a symbiotic relationship between several organisms. In this cold environment, nothing, not even mold, can survive without working together.

Made by Hand

Each piece is unique and will have slight variations.

Design Elements

A multiplicity of shapes, lines, and reflective gold leaf adds a lot of interest. Pastel, earth tones, and mint make a very fresh palette. Turbulence also works well with water and glassware.


  • 90 x 60cm
  • Poured acrylic painting
  • Cotton canvas
  • Pine frame
  • Hanging materials included
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