Les 6 meilleures façons de trouver des clients en décoration lorsque vous débutez

How to Find Your First Interior Design Clients

When you’re starting out as an interior designer, finding potential clients will likely be the first challenge you encounter. Without the contacts and resources of an established firm, it can feel like treading water. While it’s necessary to network, use social media, and eventually persuade potential clients to work with you, here are 10 excellent ways to actually find new clients:

1. Attend a trade show

Trade shows are the bread and butter of the design and decorating industry. Select the audience and purpose of the trade show carefully. Both events targeted at designers and those with designers presenting can be beneficial, but make the best use of your time. Bring plenty of business cards and decide on a strategy for each type of business you could encounter. Booths are very accommodating and you should take advantage by asking questions.

2. Partner will a builder, real-estate agent, or property management company

While you might at first disregard developers or real-estate agencies (since most have in-house designers and decorators), local and medium-sized businesses will often see better value from outsourcing to a professional designer.

3. Register with a trade association

Registering with your local interior design trade association is beneficial for many reasons, but it is the best source to receive RFPs (Request for Proposal). Even when unsuccessful they are invaluable for insights into industry projects.

4. Advertise in new communities

Direct mailing campaigns can be extremely effective whether they reach home owners, or renters and businesses. You can easily advertise to specific postal codes or newly-established communities with the help of any print media company.

5. Present at a trade show

Be sure to have an ample portfolio and a unique offering that will stick in a potential client’s mind. If you are just starting out, discounted rates, free consultations, and the flexibility afforded to an independent designer are starting points, but consider the cost to travel, rent a booth, and present your business.

6. Word of mouth

Sorry! Word of mouth remains one of the best ways for a designer to land their first few clients. Whether chatting with friends, or seeing relatives during the holidays, there’s no harm in asking them to keep an eye out. Any referral is more valuable than a cold lead or a brochure in someone’s mailbox. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

What it boils down to

For each strategy when you’re reaching your first clients, communication skills and networking ability will be essential. Luckily, in our opinion, the best way to learn these skills is by attending a trade show, which can be affordable. If you're already confident in your presentation skills, advertising directly to either new communities or local businesses is the simplest and most affordable way to get your foot in the door.

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